Song Info

Shut De Do

A Caribbean-style spiritual! “Shut de do! Keep out de devil”! Should be sung as a person from Jamaica! There are many solos in this song. When working on the solo keep in mind the written music, but feel free to explore other ways to sing it! Make the solo yours! But please stay in the same key! Feel, timing and choreography will make this song work well with our choir!

Count the Stars

An original English text combined with Latin phrases from the Requiem Mass lays the foundation for this tender song of remembrance. Deeply emotive musically, with exquisite lyricism, this piece was commissioned by the classmates of a high school student who passed away to honor his memory. We must remember our 4 and/or 8 measure phrasing. Let’s sculpt the phrases and use the well-written dynamics to leave our listeners in awe and wonder!